Wednesday, January 18, 2006

British Man jailed for Africa sex tourism

A sex tourist arrested in the UK has been jailed indefinitely for making trips to Africa to abuse poor children. Alexander Kilpatrick, a father-of-two, will serve at least five years and four months for 17 counts of sex offences.

The 56-year-old made "harrowing" films of the abuse, said Judge Roger Chapple, at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court. Kilpatrick, banned from Africa and other sex tourism hotspots, is the first man to be jailed using laws to prosecute those who abuse abroad.

Judge Chapple told Kilpatrick his offences "are specimen accounts of a wider course of conduct representing a catalogue of manipulation, corruption, depravity and degradation that even these courts fortunately rarely hear.

"You took advantage of the abject poverty and the circumstances in which children in Africa and other countries find themselves.

"You plied them with meals, treats and alcohol and then you sexually abused them in the most appalling ways."

The court heard Kilpatrick transferred films of the abuse onto CD-Roms before editing them, setting them to Elvis songs, and then labelling them with his victims' names.

Source: BBC News Online