Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cambodian police raid hotel, rescue three girls from sex trade

Cambodian police have rescued three girls from a Phnom Penh hotel where they had been sold to men who wanted to have sex with virgins and young girls, a senior police official said Wednesday.

Police arrested two women -- a broker and a pimp -- during the raid of the Chhay Huor II hotel, said Chhai Sinarith, director of the police information department at Cambodia's Interior Ministry.

One of the victims was 16 years old and was allegedly sold for US$1,000 by her mother, who needed the money to survive, he said.

The alleged broker, 21-year-old Khun Nary, had the girl's family registration card and intended to show it to pimp and buyer San Srei Nith, also 21, to prove the girl "is truly 16 years old," Chhai Sinarith said.

"She (Khun Nary) colluded with the pimp. Guests wanted young girls, and the pimp had her find young girls for them," he said the suspects told police.

Police found two other girls in separate rooms during the raid, he said. They appeared to be under 18 years old but claimed to be 19. He said the two suspects face charges of child sex trafficking.

Source: Mainichi News (Japan)