Friday, October 22, 2004

"Global Challenges for a new Generation"

Ben Perrin, Executive Director of The Future Group, delivered an impassioned keynote address last night to the Chancellor's Club at the University of Calgary. Perrin received a standing ovation from the over 225 guests in attendance and fielded several questions.

Perrin shared the story of how The Future Group began and about its current projects. He focused on four emergent challenges facing the next generation of Canadians:

1. The convergence of non-state actors (traffickers, criminal organizations, terrorists and paramilitary groups);
2. Fragile democracies;
3. Assisting the most vulnerable people in the most vulnerable countries; and,
4. About the culture of inaction coming from our country and ourselves.

Perrin also spoke about the will needed to overcome.

"I am convinced that our generation must brace for a deadly wave of global challenges. These forces are insidious, complex and inter-related. No country, least of all Canada, is currently prepared to confront them," said Perrin.

"Advancing freedom, justice and democracy as Canadians requires the creative force of a generation," said Perrin, "More talk is needed, but backed in equal measure by action."

The Future Group is gracious to have participated in this event and wish to thank Chancellor Bill Warren for his leadership.