Monday, September 20, 2004

Myanmar recognizes human trafficking problem

YANGON, Sept. 13 (Xinhuanet) -- Myanmar will set up anti-trafficking liaison offices in three of its border towns to strengthen the fight against transnational human trafficking crimes, a local news journal reported Monday.

Meanwhile, Myanmar is drafting a law on suppression of trafficking in persons and a workshop involving three related ministries, the Women Affairs Federation, officials of the Mekong Delta region, United Nations organizations and non-governmental organizations as well as local and foreign experts, was held recently to produce a complete draft.

According to official statistics, the authorities has exposed a total of 795 human traffickers, including those trafficking women and children, in 412 cases in two years since 2002. It also rescued 2,181 victims, including 1,047 women during the period. Besides, since 2001, the government educated over 700,000 people living in border areas and had prevented about 16,000 from going abroad illegally.